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NewsBuild: c10e2bff

  • Numbered named gradebook items

    You are able now to link numbered named gradebook items with assignments
  • Download, grade and upload a group assignment

    You can now grade off-line group assignments
  • Accessibility improvements

    Changes have been made in the HTML of the portal to improve the user experience with web readers
  • Data size improvements

    Improvements have been made so that the data spent navigating the Virtual Classroom goes down by 61% on average (90% top)
  • Calendar events with end time 12:00 AM

    Calendar events added from any tool(Assignments, Assessment, etc.) are already displayed which have as ending time 12:00 AM
  • Copy of exam calls from old plans subject

    Exam call tool now allows copying exam calls from old plans subject
  • Embed videos on Lessons Builder tool

    You can now embed a video in Lessons Builder tool with just the width parameter, using %.
  • Fixed bug on saving open date selector

    When an assignment is being modified, Open Date announcement select option is saved properly.
  • My Official Course Enrollments

    A new tab has been added to Membership with the list of official courses you are enrolled.
  • Group visibility issue in Lesson Tool

    In Lessons tool, embed content on page-existing files from resource is visible as a file name to the students from the other groups which aren't selected.
  • News announcement on Gateway

    Starting today, We are going to show you all new functionalities being added to Aula Virtual.
  • Option added in Signup

    When a participant signs up to an event, the date and time will be saved and it can be consulted by the organizers.