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  • We've updated Aula Virtual

    Aula Virtual is renewed for the beginning of the next course with the last version available of the Sakai platform, Sakai 20, with many new features. This new version will not mean big changes in the use of the tools we already know and use regularly, but it does include some interesting new features..
  • Rubrics, a new tool

    The main novelty of the Virtual Classroom update to the new version of Sakai is the inclusion of a new tool, Rubrics, which will allow a more homogeneous evaluation in the tools of tasks, exams, forums and grades.
  • Improvements in Accessibility

    Work has been done on the tool to improve accessibility and usability features.
  • Assignments reminder to students

    New option to send reminders to students and improvements to the tool's interface.
  • GradebookNG improvements

    Improvements in the tool interface with a full screen mode, new group column, items with weight equally distributed in categories with weight.
  • Tool redesign

    New search and view options in the Roster tool user cards.